Also known as keyhole surgery, this is the most non-invasive surgical procedure possible. Carried out under general anaesthetic it causes your pet minimal discomfort. It is performed in the same way as human surgeries.

A laparoscopy is commonly used for the following procedures:

  • Ovariectomy (spaying)
  • Cryptorchidectomy (retained abdominal testicle)
  • Biopsies to determine the cause of ailments
  • Abdominal operations, and removal of damaged organs

Keyhole surgery is regarded as the safest, most efficient and least damaging way to treat your pet and has many advantages.

The Benefits of Keyhole Surgery:

  • The ability to carry out precise surgical procedures
  • A much shorter hospital stay
  • Far faster recovery time
  • Massively reduced post-operative pain
  • Minimal scarring

Laparascopic Ovariectomy

The spaying of your dog is something that is actively encouraged, and through this procedure your animal will face the least amount of discomfort. Creating two small incisions in the abdomen, our surgical team use the same equipment that is used in human hospitals and insert a tiny camera into the incision. With the internal organs displayed on a TV monitor we can simply, effectively and delicately remove the ovaries, avoiding the removal of the whole uterus as is the case with traditional spaying techniques.

In most cases your pet will be able to engage in post-surgical exercise just two days after the procedure.

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