Dental Treatment

Dental Treatment

Dental disease is an often overlooked part of your pets’ general health. Poor dental hygiene can mean much more than just bad breath and tooth-loss. Bacterial infections may enter the blood stream which can lead to heart disease and a range of liver and kidney problems. Gum infections and chronic dental disease can also be very painful.

There are many treatments that can help your pet maintain a healthy mouth. Our vets can help you decide which is best. Regular check-ups are important and may lead to a recommendation for dental cleaning.

Under general anaesthetic, we perform full mouth dental xrays, remove tartar with ultrasonic scalers and high-speed polishers. If necessary, we can remove any diseased teeth, leaving your pet pain-free and with healthy gums.

Treatment For Older Pets

Older animals are more of a concern under anaesthetic, so we offer ways to reduce this risk with

  • Blood tests
  • Intravenous fluids
  • Blood pressure monitoring

Blood tests can inform us about any undiagnosed health issues that may be adversely affected by the anaesthetic. In many cases your pet will still be able to undergo dental treatment with the use of specialist anaesthetic drugs.

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