We appreciate that undergoing an operation can be both a worrying and stressful time for you and your pet, but you are both in safe hands and our team of vets and nurses will do whatever they can to allay any concerns you may have.

This quick guide will walk you through what will happen when your pet’s surgery comes up, so you will know what to expect.


We ask that you arrive between 8 and 8.30 a.m. in order for us to admit your pet. At this point our receptionist will take you through a simple consent form which outlines your permission for us to operate, checks your contact details and confirms whether your pet is on any specific medication.

Pre-Op Discussion

At this point you will get the chance to speak in depth with a nurse. They will be able to answer any questions you may have about the procedure, including what it involves and how it will affect your pet. You will also have a general chat about your pet’s health and medication in order to clarify any issues.

Pre-Op Preparation

Your pet will be looking after by our experienced preparatory nurses, who will administer a pre-medication injection and pain relief in order to diminish post-operative discomfort. In most cases your pet will also be given a light sedative in order to ensure that they are calm and relaxed before their operation.

Pre-Op Relaxation

Your pet has some time to relax and let the medication take effect. Each animal is given its own comfortable kennel with soft bedding and is well looked after by our caring nurses until the operation is due.

Post-Op Recovery

Once the surgery is complete, we begin after-care and take your pet back to its own kennel. Here they are comforted with a blanket in order to keep their body temperature up, and left to rest as much as possible in peace and quiet. Our nurses make regular checks, ensuring they are doing well, and once they are sufficiently awake you will be able to come and collect them!


When you arrive back to our surgery one of our receptionists will first deal with any additional paper work we may have. You will then get a chance to talk with a nurse or vet, who will discuss with you how the procedure went and tell you about any further after-care your pet may require.

Then that’s it. It’s all over, and you can take your pet home to pamper and treat them, though do remember they will need plenty of rest for a couple of days!

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