This is the process of using an endoscope, which is effectively a small bundle of fibre optic cables with a tiny camera at the end. This allows our vets to view images from the internal body on a monitor. It is a fast and efficient methiod of diagnosis and can often be used to solve problems without the need for invasive surgical operations. For example, removing foreign bodies.

Types of Endoscopy

  • -Rhinoscopy (Nasal)
  • -Bronchoscopy (Lungs)
  • -Gastroscopy (Stomach)
  • -Arthroscopy (Joints)
  • -Colonoscopy (Rectum)

We use these various processes to investigate potential tumours; problems in the digestive tract; the on-set of arthritis.


Although it is a slightly intrusive procedure carried out under anaesthetic, we ensure that your pet experiences very little discomfort and incurs minimal scarring with a recovery time of virtually nil.

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