Pet Insurance


Pet Insurance

We recommend that you take out pet insurance to help with the bills if anything was to happen to your pet. At Forest Vets we cannot recommend particular policies, but we can offer advice on any pet insurance plan that you may be considering. Things To Consider When Insuring Your Pet

  • -Your pet’s age.┬áMany policies will increase premiums when your pet reaches a┬ácertain age.
  • -Vaccinations are not covered by insurance plans, and insurance companies will expect that all vaccinations are up to date.
  • -Under most plans, spaying, dentistry, castration, pregnancy, whelping and kittening are not covered. You will need to check this with the individual insurer.
  • -Your insurer will need to be informed of any veterinary treatment prior to taking out a plan. Insuring your pet as early as possible avoids the possibility of being excluded from cover.

Insuring your pet from a young age will give you the best plan and safeguard you against any potential issues that may arise with your pet’s health. We would always recommend a policy that insures your pet for life-long cover. Any ‘Direct Claims’ need to be agreed with our vets and your insurance company before we can accept them. Please also bear in mind that many insurance policies will take time to process between application and acceptance. We have online fact sheets and pamphlets at our surgeries that can help you with questions about pet insurance. If you have any further questions please get in touch.

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