At Forest Veterinary Centre we are proud to be able to offer x-ray facilities at all three of our medical centres, this can assist us to quickly and efficiently diagnose any issues or medical conditions that your pet may be suffering from.

This facility allows us to get detailed images of your animals’ internal organs and bones helping us to diagnose your pets’ condition. This procedure may require your pet to be anaesthetised.

When We Use X-Ray Imaging

There are a wide range of problems for which an x-ray can expedite diagnosis and treatment. These vary from:

  • Diagnosis of heart conditions
  • Imaging of potentially broken bones
  • Diagnosis of any digestive malfunction
  • Location of any ingested foreign bodies
  • Diagnosis of liquid or gas trapped in internal organs
  • Bladder stone diagnosis
  • Detection of unborn puppies

No matter how big or small the procedure our experienced veterinary radiographers are here to help your pet and put your mind at ease. If you need to find out more just give your local surgery a call.

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