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Computed Tomography (CT)

At Forest Vets, we are one of a select number of first-opinion practices to have an on-site 16-slice CT machine. This allows us to perform rapid cross-sectional imaging of patients, taking thousands of images within minutes and creating 3-dimensional reconstructions.

This gives us vastly more information than traditional x-rays and is especially useful for nasal disease, middle ear disease, elbow disease, trauma, lung disease and for checking for spread of cancer. It is usually performed under sedation or general anaesthetic but specialised equipment allows us to scan conscious cats and small animals if they have breathing difficulties or cannot be sedated.

Vet Katherine is currently undertaking a certificate in CT scanning and can offer more advanced CT angiography for specific conditions such as vascular abnormalities. Images can be reviewed by a board-certified radiologist within 4 hours where necessary. We accept outpatient CT referrals, where a full report is issued to your home vet, allowing them to continue your pet's care if appropriate.