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From 1st January 2021 onwards, the UK will have Part 2 listed status under the EU Pet Travel Scheme which means that people travelling from Great Britain with their pets and assistance dogs will need to follow new requirements in order to gain entry to the EU and Northern Ireland.

Before travelling, Forest Vets strongly recommend that you establish the exact requirements of not only your destination but also of all other countries through which you intend to pass as well as the requirements for re-entry into the UK after travel abroad. Failure to check the regulations may result in refusal of entry and potential quarantine of your animal.

For travel originating in Great Britain:

  1. An animal must have a microchip.
  2. An animal must be vaccinated against Rabies and $heshe must be at least 12 weeks old before this can be given for the first time.

    - If $heshe will be travelling to an EU country, countries that the UK accepts passports from, and/or a listed country, then $heshe will be able to travel 21 days after the first Rabies vaccination, with the date of vaccination being ‘day zero’. Provided Rabies boosters are given before the validity date expires, then travel can continue without delay. If a Rabies booster is missed, then $heshe will need to wait an additional 21 day period before being eligible to travel.

    - If $heshe will be travelling to or through an unlisted country, then there will be additional and highly specific requirements which you will need to check to ensure that $Animnam will be eligible for export into that country and/or for import back into the UK. We strongly advise that you contact APHA and a pet importer/exporter to ensure that $hisher paperwork is completed properly so there are no undue delays and expenses during border checks.

  3. An Animal Health Certificate (AHC) will need to be issued each time $Animnam travels.

    - These can be issued no sooner than 10 days before travel. Each AHC may be valid for up to 4 months for onward travel within the EU and/or for re-entry to GB provided the Rabies vaccination date does not expire within this period. Any additional Rabies vaccinations given while abroad must be administered by a government certified official veterinarian (OV). 
  4. Travel must be through a designated point of entry where documents will be checked.
  5. Tapeworm treatment will be required for dogs only and the timing will differ depending on which country you are travelling to with your pet. 

    - If travel is directly from the GB to Finland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Malta or Norway, this must be administered by a vet 1-5 days (between 24 and 120 hours) before travel and recorded in the certificate. No additional tapeworm treatment will be required for re-entry to the UK provided there has not been travel to any other countries.

    - If travel is to/from any other country, this must be administered by a vet 1-5 days (between 24 and 120 hours) before re-entry to the UK and recorded in the AHC. DEFRA also recommends a second treatment be given within 28 days of returning.

  6. Tick treatment is no longer mandatory for any species but is strongly advised by us at Forest Vets, both when here in the UK and also while travelling abroad.

Please remember that you are responsible for ensuring your pet from Essex meets the rules for travelling.

For the most up-to-date details of travel requirements, please check the following pages: